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Yuppicide Skateboard Deck & Digital Download Card

$49.95 / Sold Out

In Collaboration with Damage Skateboards we have produced a limited edition skateboard deck - only 40 made!

The deck is an old school shape 32" x 9" (82cm x 23cm), Maple wood with great concave design.

The print is 2 color heat transfer featuring art from the American Oblivion EP.

Comes with a digital download card with the American Oblivion EP, featuring six brand new songs true to Yuppicide's sound, attitude and energy. Their first new recording in 14 years!

Track List:
1. Dead Inside
2. Too Late
3. There's a Line
4. American Oblivion
5. Flies On
6. Not With You
(You can preview the tracks at Yuppicide.net)

MP3, 320 Bitrate, 44.1kHz

Includes with 4 page digital booklet PDF with lyrics and artwork.

Click on photos to see a larger image.

Please note, shipping abroad is expensive - nothing we can do about it, the size and weight determine the price.

  • USA: $17
  • Canada: $25
  • Everywhere else: $53

Also available from KCDC skate shop in Williamsburg Brooklyn.